Advantages vs Disadvantages of Ice Hockey

strengths in a hockey game


Despite only being played by people in some specific countries such as Canada, US, Russia, Denmark, Norway, etc, Ice Hockey is still one of the most popular sports in the world. It is actually Canada’s official national winter sport. In the world, there are 74 countries which have ice hockey federations.
Its popularity is totally explainable. Besides its weaknesses, there is much strength in a hockey game that really appeals people. In this article, we will introduce to you some of those.






Physical building


You may be surprise that in a 125-pound player and 185-pound player, thirty minutes playing ice hockey burns 240 calories and 355 calories, respectively. Playing ice hockey enhances your cardiovascular system as you run up and down the rink, extending the maximum of your pulse rate and lung capacity. It also makes your leg and back stronger and strengthens your arms. The quick, sudden moves and veers in ice hockey boost your coordination and balance, too.


Character building


Taking part in any team sport builds up your teamwork skills and sense of great sportsmanship and ice hockey is not the exception. You possibly have some bad-tempered moments and many penalties during the game, but those also teach you the proper connection among action, reaction and results. In addition, the sport may educate you how to play hard and exert to achieve your purposes, but when it comes to an end, you are going to treat other people, in your team and in your opponents’ team, with respect: after the game is over, the players will shake hands with their rivals, no matter they are kids or professional ones. It is actually a great long-standing tradition of this game.






Hockey players usually suffer injuries from many parts of their body, such as elbow, back, knee, hip, ankle, etc. Most of them are caused by contact (collision or checking), but even in a non-checking situations, injuries may still happen. According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, body checking took up 86% of injuries related to hockey among teenage players and 23% of which were to neck and head.


While injuries cannot be utterly eliminated, they can be significantly reduced. Luckily, most of hockey injuries are just mild cases and some following tips may help hockey players avoid injuries:


  • Use high-quality and well-fit equipments.
  • Enforce strictly the rules, always show respect to the opponents.
  • After being injured, following the treatment strictly to get successful healing afterward.




Some fans may think about ice hockey as a sport spoiled by violent fighting and cheap shots. In many minor leagues in North America, high school hockey, fights are long-time parts of the game. As a result, many people refuse to become fan of this game and to be an ice hockey player, while a lot of parents are absolutely not interested in letting their kids trying the sport.


To diminish violence rate, the head coaches from ice hockey teams have to inform the players about the necessity of appropriate behaviors and showing respect to the opponents. The players themselves should try to stay calm in every situation during the game.


strengths in a hockey game


In spite of its sweakneses, the strengths in a hockey game are still very appealing and undeniable. If we know how to manage and control the disadvantages, ice hockey games could be very interesting and entertaining to enjoy.


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