Basic Knowledge About Baseball Glove Break In

Basic knowledge about baseball glove break in


Everyone loves baseball – both watching and playing. Baseball is a sport about teamwork, efforts and maximum physical training. That’s the reason why it gains popularity around the world in comparison with other sports. Playing and training baseball is not as hard as you think, but first, you have to invest a certain amount of money to buy some essential equipment including baseball glove. It is one of the most important devices that helps you play baseball in both defense and offense roles. You should know many things about your equipment so that you can get use to them and perform better at your training and real matches.


  1. The basic knowledge about baseball gloves:


Among all baseball equipment, bat and glove are things that you have to put first because of their importance. They are the basic if you want to play some simple baseball with 2 or 3 people in the backyard or take part in serious baseball matches. That’s the reason why in this section I will tell you some simple things about this type of glove.


  • The parts of the glove: the baseball glove is made from leather with 4 main parts for different functions: Webbing, fingers, palm and heel. Each part has its own function, but you should know about all of them so that you can avoid some accidentally damages while playing and know how to maintain the glove’s best condition.
  • Know how to throw the ball and how to catch them: Being a pitcher or not, you should know the ways people pitch so as to catch them better and also know how to use the glove. You should also see whether you are left – handed or not so that you can have some models made just for left – handed players.


The basic knowledge about baseball gloves



  • Types of baseball glove: There are many types of glove using by people according to the parts and the designs. You can see that the webbing is the most adjustable part. They are designed for many purposes so you can use the glove to play infield or outfield. In addition, the type of web such as closed web or Trapeze web can have different impact on your hand so you should try several of the to find out what is the most suitable one for your hand and your wrist.


  • How to choose the size: You can have a baseball glove made just for your hand size so that you can use them for your own convenience. If you don’t have time to wait, you can use the sizing chart to match your age and your hand size to choose an average one according to the specifications.


  1. How to break in a new baseball glove


Buying one is already a task of challenge but breaking it in for the first time is not a child’s play as well. You have to know how to make it right from the beginning to know the potentials of your equipment so that you can utilize it without worrying about the quality. There are some common ways to do the baseball glove break in. I think you should know couple of them so as to have some comparison and choose the best way to perform.


  • The traditional way to break in baseball glove:


This method is also called “tried and true” in some cases. This is preferred by people who don’t like some technical interference to their product and they want their gloves to be as new as possible. It’s also a simple way to break in the gloves. You just need some of your friends and play catch together.


That’s the way you squeeze your glove around the baseball and create the pocket and the shape for the glove for easier catching. You need to do it for at least 5 to 8 hours to achieve the best result. Some people think this is a boring method and a waste of time, but in my opinion, this is one of the best ways to break in your glove naturally.


Without using and mechanical or chemical interference, this is the safest way to use the glove for the first time and reduce the amount of accidentally damage to the glove’s shape and material. I suggest you should use this traditional break in method though it might take a large amount of time from you.


How to break in a new baseball glove


  • Using steam to break in gloves:


Glove steaming is very popular and as good as the playing catch method. This is also the way to enhance the quality of your glove’s material because steaming leather is always better than the rough one. If you want to steam your glove before long – term using, I suggest you leave the work for the pro because the will know what to do with your product. Basically, there are 3 steps in glove steaming.


Firstly, the glove will be applied to the glove conditioner to open pores in the leather and make it more leathery. Then the glove will be steamed up to 150 degrees and the last stage is break in the glove with the mallet. You should count on this method if you don’t have much time breaking in the glove.


  • Oil for baseball glove:


Some players don’t count this method as a way to break in the baseball glove, but using oil and baseball conditioner is also considered as a method to soften the leather and make your glove playable.


There are some things you should know if you want to use baseball glove oil: There is a diversity of oil used for glove on the market, but you must not use a strange type because it can ruin the leather type of your baseball glove. Read the manufacturer instruct before buying anything. You also need to know what parts of the glove should be oil – covered.


  1. Conclusion



As you can see, break in baseball glove is not easy. It takes you a large amount of time and effort so as to have the best achievement. You should also look for information about the leather type and the design of the baseball glove so as to have a perfect break in method and make your glove better.

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