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By: Soylent

Use: Water & Drink Mixes

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About the product

- You shouldn't skip breakfast. It is necessary to you.

- Cafe Coffiest meal replacement drinks are the nutrient, energy, and calorie rich foods that contain a multitude of nutritional elements.

Cafe Coffiest contain the amino acid l-theanine and as much caffeine as a cup of black coffee and, each 400 calories and the 150mg bottle.

- They have a delicious mocha flavor for a balanced great breakfast and your morning sips coffee in 1 convenient bottle.

- The power to perfect your daily.

4.7/5 Stars

Coffiest Review



Created by:

Rob Rhinehart



Region or state:

United States, Canada

Coffiest Review

Summary: Cafe Coffiest, Excellent flavor and perfect for breakfast. the bit of added caffeine and nutritional are a great way to kick start your morning.

- You should be using it to substitute breakfast and it's working out really well, usual breakfast offerings (sandwiches, burgers, salad).

  • Delicious, not too sweet and just right flavor
  • They are not oily, greasy and Hazelnut and The French Vanilla have a nice mild flavor boost.
  • You can drink one in the morning at work and get the nutrients I need, feeling full and preventing a stomach ache.
  • You can sip it slowly until lunch time
  • 400 calories and it has coffee inside!
  • It's 10x healthier than going out for fast food.
  • I feel weird drinking something called Soylent.

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