Hack Attack: a good choice to train your skills.

You are looking for a way to improve your baseball skills? You want a device that can simultaneously provide a lot of scenarios and elements that can happen in a real match? Then look no further, a Hack Attack pitching machine is the best solution to your worries. This machine can easily level up your strength and allow you to train with nearly all possible situations you can encounter in a real competition. Today in this article, we will analyze some main features of this versatile machine and you will see why it’s a good idea to practice with it.

While the main purpose of the Hack Attack is not different from other pitching devices, it does possess extra advantages that cannot be found in any other machines in the same category.  These advantages allow it to have a very stable deployment and a flexible way to use that will be quite useful to lots of players and trainers. So let’s take a closer look at the Hack Attack and see how it can offer those kinds of convenience.

1.    Constructions

Hack Attack utilizes a tri – pod design that proves to be a very steady platform when pitching at any speed. Its can also be used on somewhat unlevelled ground. And if you want to change the angle then the elevation mechanism in this machine will be able easier to operate than other machines. You don’t have to unlock and re lock things manually, all you have to do is to adjust the setting to your likings and the machine will be good for you to go with.


pitching machine

With weight only slightly more than 61 kilograms, it will not be difficult to move around. Hack Attack is pretty compact so it will fit easily to the back of your truck, SUV for even a family van. It can be instantly put into use with little preparation since it was built as a whole and requires no assembling procedures. While it may take you some time to get used to the machine controls, Hack Attack will still be comparably easy for you to master.

2.    Pitching

Well the most important aspect and the focus point of a pitching machine are its ability to pitch. This is the way to see if the machine is really worth the money you spent on it. In this case, Hack Attack will not disappoint you. With a 3 – wheels set up; you can see the ball all the way from the beginning to the end just like in a real match. You can also expect a high degree of accuracy and pitch angles with this design. The speed of the pitch can reach up to 100 miles per hour. If you want to switch the direction from left to right or vice – versa, this can be done with little problems.


pitching machine


In a real match, the batter will face many types of balls from the pitcher and fast ball to curve ball and many others as well. Hack Attack will be able to do just that. This pitching machine can simulate virtually any type of ball that is commonly seen in a match. In short, Hack Attack is just as much capable as a human pitcher but with better accuracy and maintains a constant performance. Needless to say, this will substantially increase the exercise efficiency for the player. With just a tiny change and you will have all the training you can get from various types of ball, trajectory and speed?

3.    Other benefits

Well if we think about a pitching device, the most profitable person that first comes in mind will be the batter. But with this machine, other positions will also get a thing or two from it as well. Hack Attack will be a valuable asset in team exercise such as fielding practice. The team can experience just as many situations as they can imagine of. To sum up, Hack Attack pitching machine is a complete package. With it alone, you can perform a lot of trainings and practices as a team or strengthen specified position.


pitching machine


For conclusion, Hack Attack pitching machine is surely not a perfect tool. It’s slightly expensive and mostly suitable for high school players or above. But also, its benefits cannot be denied. You will have really hard time finding another type of machine that offers the performance and variety close to Hack Attack. This machine quality and strength will be a good addition to any baseball team. And with the right way to use, you will surely take lots of benefits from it no matter what your position is.




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