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Premier Protein 30g Protein Shakes

Sports Nutrition Ready to Drink Protein

By: Premier Protein

Use: Drink Protein

About the product

- You like protein and flavor Chocolate because it is essential for an active life and healthy life.

- But getting enough protein is bad, and especially protein that does not come with too much fat too or many calories.

- So the manufacturer makes "Premier Protein Shake"

  • 4 x 11 fluid ounce.
  • Low in fat and 1 gram of sugar & 160 calories.
  • With minerals and 24 vitamins and a great source of calcium.

- The essential healthy protein that curbs missing you energy for whatever became of you.

premier protein shake review


Best sellers

Taste Championships:

2016 U.S.A


Premier protein shakes


Premier protein

premier protein shake review

Summary: Best tasting protein shake. It doesn't have a weird aftertaste or gritty texture like some. Perfect for a quick breakfast on the go and the protein keeps you satisfied until lunch. This product to be good quality, the price is fair.

  • It really is satisfying and only 160 calories for a meal!
  • Chocolatey great flavor. So good after play golf.
  • It helps kick down the blood sugars.
  • This product to be good quality, the price is fair.
  • The Perfect for weight watchers and as a low-fat coffee creamer
  • Easy way to get a protein boost.
  • Better cold.

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